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SIVIR Translations provides broad range of services for its individual and corporate clients. We specialize in translating and legalizing documents of various complexity. The translations are performed by qualified translators who offer high quality services and can work within tight time frames. Our permanent clients are companies and individuals who need comprehensive services - written and oral translations, notarial certifications and document legalization.

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Professional approach

We will work in accordance with your requirements and the Bulgarian legislation

Meeting your individual needs

We tailor our services exactly to your needs and requirements

Wide range of services

We offer a wide range of services and experts to assist you

Local experts

Our employees are qualified and are "at your fingertips" to provide you with competent assistance

Quality services

We strive to satisfy our clients to the fullest extent


We are ready to meet you needs in new or emergency situations

Save time

We can save your valuable time through professionally taking care of your engagements

Reliable assistant in emergency situations

We provide assistants to resolve your complex and emergency cases

Our team includes real estate experts who provide professional legal and administrative assistance in obtaining real estate transaction documents and their notarial certification.

Our permanent clients and partners are leading real estate companies, law firms and hundreds of individual clients.

Translation and legalization of documents

  • Personal interpreter
  • Translation of documents
  • Assistance with Notary Certification of documents
  • Legalization of documents
  • Translation of documents, required for real estate property transactions /Power of Attorney, Notary Deed, different types of Declarations and Certificates/
  • Interpretation for foreign nationals before the Notary Public for the purposes of real estate property transactions

Review, completion, submission and receipt of the following documents:

  • Encumbrance certificate /EC/
  • Unverified transcription/copy of document, certifying ownership of real estate
  • Certificate of real estate tax assessment
  • Certificate of building compliance
  • Certificate of matrimonial regime /CoMR/
  • Certificate of succession
  • Certificate of civil status
  • Certificate under art. 87 of the TIPC
  • Death certificate transcript
  • Reference from the Registry Agency about Last will and testament Certificate
  • Identical names Certificate 
  • Certificate of real estate’s administrative address
  • References and Certificates from the Central Registry of special pledges /CRSP/
  • Certificates of state and municipal property, issued by Sofia municipality, regional administrations, the Agriculture and forestry regional offices

Review, completion, submission and receipt of the following documents:

  • Redeclaration of real property /registration and deregistration/ in the respective Local taxes and charges offices /LTC/
  • Registration of ownership – full registration and deregistration in the Local Taxes and Charges offices and by accounts in the Cadastre, CEZ, Sofiyska voda, Central Heating, Gas, SOT and other public utilities
  • Title examinations (including the drafting of first title deed)
  • Combined real estate scheme, scheme of separate place in a building, scheme of land property or building – separate property, scheme of building – separate property
  • Assistance for entry in the Real Estate Cadastre Registry
  • Certificate of no pending cases
  • Requests for deletion of foreclosure by private judicial officer /PJO/

Searching documents in the archives of

  • Registry Agency to Sofia regional court
  • Architecture and Urban Spatial Development Service
  • Sofia regional court
  • Register of debtors – State Judicial Office at SRC
  • State and municipal institutions on the territory of Sofia